Colledge & Co, Chartered Accountants is a trading name of MPC Financial Consulting Ltd. MPC Financial Consulting Ltd is a company registered in England & Wales with company number 05301313. Registered Office: 16 Conaglen Road, Leicester LE2 8LD. E-mail MPC Financial Consulting Ltd is a member of the ICAEW Practice Assurance Scheme.

In accordance with the disclosure requirements of the Services Regulations 2009, our professional indemnity insurer is underwritten by Brit Insurance Limited and arranged, under a binding authority from the Underwriters, by Xbridge Ltd. Xbridge Ltd is authorised and regulated by the Financial Services Authority. Company registered in England No 313348. Registered Office is 43 Worship Street London EC2A 2DX. The territorial coverage is worldwide excluding professional business carried out from an office in the United States of America or Canada and excludes any action for a claim bought in any court in the United States of America or Canada.

Welcome to Colledge & Co, Chartered Accountants - a boutique accountancy and business services business. We thank you for your interest.

At this current time we are only accepting new clients through referrals by current clients.

This is to be fair to you, us and existing clients - we are close to full capacity and to take on more work would mean we don’t get any sleep or life outside of accountancy! Whilst the quality of our work would remain unchanged, it would also mean that we would be less flexible in terms of ensuring that we fit into your way of working and the way of working that our current clients have come to both like and expect.

Please do not hesitate to check back in the future to see if we are taking on new work but please also don’t hold back in looking elsewhere - we would hate for you to wait for us and then miss deadlines or opportunities elsewhere.

Finally we wish you the best of luck with your business endeavours. We hope that your venture is successful and goes from strength to strength.

Colledge & Co, Chartered Accountants